Should You Switch to Non-Owner Car Insurance in 2022

Should You Switch to Non-Owner Car Insurance in 2022

Non-owner car insurance is one type of insurances that many people may have a hard time understanding. It truly is a shame, especially considering the fact that this type of car insurance policy could save you a huge amount of money per year. Read on to find out if you should switch to non-owner car insurance in 2022.

What Is a Non-Owner Car Insurance Policy?

In its simplest terms, non-owner insurance provides coverage for those who drive regularly but do not have their own car, such those who provide taxi services or regularly drive rentals for work. Besides this, many students may find that a non-owner car insurance policy is perfect, as they are likely to use their parents’ cars to learn how to drive. To be eligible for this type of insurance, you must at least have enough money to pay for the coverage of the car in the case of an accident, as well as have a valid drivers license.

What Are the Benefits of a Non-Owner Policy?

One of the biggest benefits of a non-owner car insurance policy is that it can lower insurance rates. Because you are not stuck paying insurance premiums for the car itself, you can put that money toward gas and repairs, thus lowering the overall cost of operating the car in the first place. The best part is that almost all car insurance providers will offer this type of coverage, making it easy for you to find a cheap non-owners rate with your insurance company.

Who Is This Policy Best For?

As stated before, this policy is best for those who do not own their own car but still find themselves in the driver’s seat from time to time. If you are a student or live in a city where owning a car isn’t necessary, this insurance policy is likely to be perfect for you. Beyond this, if you often rent cars for business or use a car sharing service, this policy is likely to benefit to you. Just keep in mind that there is still a cost involved with this type of insurance, so be sure that you drive enough to justify this policy.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of whether you should switch to non-owner car insurance in 2022. If you are looking to get a quote on some affordable non-owner car insurance, be sure to reach out to Serenity Group today for information on rates!