Tips To Avoid DUI Accidents This Labor Day

Tips To Avoid DUI Accidents This Labor Day

Labor Day can be an enjoyable time to celebrate a day off from work and mark the end of summer. However, it can also mean increased risks on the road, especially in where it concerns accidents related to DUI accidents. In fact, Labor Day weekend is one of the deadliest times of the year for fatal car accidents, with many being caused by drunk drivers.

This article aims to provide you with practical tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable Labor Day. By following these guidelines, you’ll not only protect yourself but also others on the road.

Set a Limit on Drinks

The best way to prevent yourself from driving drunk is to avoid drinking altogether. However, if you plan to enjoy a beverage and intend to drive yourself home, keep track of your drinking and set a firm limit on how much you consume. It’s best to drink water throughout the night and stop drinking alcohol several hours before you need to drive home.

Designate a Driver

Designating a driver is a well-known and effective tactic to avoid DUI accidents. Choosing a designated driver ahead of time ensures there is a clear plan in place before any alcohol is consumed. If you are acting as the designated driver, be sure to stay sober so that you can remain attentive on the road by the end of the night.

Order a Rideshare or Taxi Ride

If you cannot find a designated driver, a handy alternative is to contact a rideshare or taxi driver to safely take you home. In today’s digital age, ordering a rideshare or taxi has never been easier. Apps like Uber and Lyft provide convenient, readily available options for getting home safely. Using these services can eliminate the risk of driving under the influence and offer peace of mind.

Never Ride With a Drunk Driver

One of the most critical tips for avoiding DUI accidents is to never ride with a drunk driver. Even if someone insists they’re okay to drive, it’s not worth the risk. Offer to call a taxi or rideshare or take their keys if necessary. It’s better to face an awkward situation than to risk the lives of everyone in the vehicle. Trust your judgment and prioritize safety over convenience.

Labor Day should be a time of celebration and relaxation, not tragedy. Driving under the influence has serious consequences, including the risk of license suspension and filing SR-22 insurance. Serenity Group offers many educational resources on DUI accidents and SR-22 insurance quotes in California for high-risk drivers looking to get their lives back on track. Contact our expert team today for more information.