Month: February 2022

5 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving At Your Holiday Party

Drunk driving is one of the main dangers during the holiday season. Read on for the top ways to prevent drunk driving at your holiday party or event!

What You Can And Can’t Do on a Restricted License

A restricted license is something that many do not know the rules of. Look here for the facts on what you can and cannot do on a restricted license!

Does Insurance Follow the Car or Driver?

One of the most common questions drivers have is whether auto insurance follows the individual or the car. Read here for the answers to this question!

What Happens When You Get a DUI in Virginia

Virginia has enacted various laws that differ from those of the rest of the country. Read here to learn what happens when you get a DUI in this state.

Common Substances Other Than Alcohol That Risk a DWI

While drivers are aware of the legality of alcohol and driving, many are unaware of other substances that can lead to a DUI charge. Look here to find out more.

The Difficulty of Renting a Car After a DUI

Many people may be unaware of the difficulties that may be associated with renting a car after a DUI. Look here for the major problems you will face.