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How Does SR22 Insurance Affect Your Job? A Total Breakdown

If you find yourself with a suspended license and need SR22 insurance, your first thought may go to your job security. It naturally begs the question: how does SR22 insurance affect your job? Although it’s not a guarantee, it’s very possible that

What Happens to Your SR22 Insurance When You Move?

Making a big move is always exciting, whether it’s for a new job or to simply change your surroundings. You may be wondering, though, what happens to your SR22 insurance when you move? While it may seem like a complicated idea,

What Happens if You Can’t Afford SR22 Insurance?

The prospect of needing SR22 insurance can feel very overwhelming. Any amount of change can be stressful, but if it’s something you feel isn’t financially feasible, the stress will only be that much worse. It begs the question: what happens if

Who is Considered a High-Risk Driver?

We all know the term “high-risk driver,” but what does a high-risk driver actually look like? There are many different reasons an insurance company may deem you one, and they’re each vastly from one another. We may conjure up images of drivers

Reasons You Might Need SR22 Insurance to Hit the Road Again

You may wonder when you need to obtain SR22 insurance. The policy can be tricky to understand, so it makes sense that many are confused. Keep yourself in the know, and educate yourself on the reasons you might need SR22 insurance. Driving

How Families Can Help a Recovering Alcoholic

Approximately 300 million people across the globe currently struggle with alcohol use disorder. As such, to say that alcoholism is something that affects nearly everyone would be an understatement. If your family member struggles with alcoholism, you know firsthand just how paralyzing

States with the Strictest Driving Laws

No matter where you cruise, it’s important to stay alert and aware of the driving laws. Laws vary from state to state, however, which means some punishments will be harsher than others. Here is a breakdown of the states with the

Key Differences Between the SR22 and FR44 Insurance Policies

You’ve most likely heard of an SR22, but there’s another insurance filing to keep in mind—an FR44. Currently, only two states, Virginia and Florida, use SR22 and FR44. If you reside in either of those states, take note of the essential differences between the SR22

Mental, Physical, and Behavioral Signs of an Addiction

Alcohol is a commonly abused substance, and its use is on the rise. In 2018, spending on alcoholic beverages in the U.S. increased by more than 5%, or approximately $12.4 billion. Correspondingly, alcohol-related deaths have increased by 35% during the past decade or

How to Get a Job with a DUI on Record: 4 Helpful Pointers

Job hunting is tough—in early 2019, the U.S. unemployment rate was between 3.8 and 4 percent, meaning there are quite a few others in the same predicament. Once you add in a DUI on your record, it becomes exponentially more difficult.