Month: March 2024

9 Things That Can Affect Your BAC Levels

Many factors can affect your blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. Stay safe and healthy by reading about how your body metabolizes alcohol here.

What’s the Difference Between BAC vs. BrAC?

Understanding the difference between BAC and BrAC is crucial for drivers. Learn how these measurements impact you and their legal implications.

Important Things To Know About Nonowner Car Insurance

If you’re someone who doesn’t own a car or who travels frequently, here’s what you should know about nonowner car insurance before you inquire with providers.

When Should You Consider Broad-Form Insurance?

Learn about broad-form insurance, its benefits, and scenarios in which it could best protect you, your assets, and your unique coverage needs.

What To Do if Your SR-22 Insurance Is Too Expensive

For an easy solution, compare quotes for affordable SR-22 insurance online with Serenity Group. Your path to driving with confidence and compliance starts here.

Which States Are the Most Strict on DUIs?

If you’re curious about which states have the most stringent DUI laws, learn how these laws could affect you and those around you with our detailed breakdown.

What Not To Say to Someone Recovering From Alcoholism

When supporting someone in their recovery from alcoholism, words can truly make a difference. However, knowing what to say isn’t always easy.