Broad Form Insurance Coverage & SR22/FR44 Insurance

Life throws obstacles your way when you least expect them. One moment, you may be out with friends and family on a leisurely drive, and the next thing you know, the car has flipped over three times and been completely totaled. Furthermore, you could experience a situation involving a crashed motorcycle, a burnt-out boat, a tarnished trailer or RV, and so much more. Having automotive insurance is an essential part of protecting yourself from hefty fees and the burden of financial hardship.

The importance of insurance also applies to alcohol-related offenses, such as drinking and driving resulting in a DUI. The legal alcohol limit can vary between states, but the responsibility to not operate a vehicle while under the influence is still on your shoulders. After you obtain a DUI, you will need a high-risk auto insurance policy, requiring you to fill out an SR22 or FR44 form in your specific state.

At Serenity Group, we specialize in broad-spectrum insurance coverage for various automotive and aquatic vehicles and offer SR22 and FR44 insurance coverage. Our insurance specialists believe in providing optimal insurance to drivers with alcohol-related offenses in their recent history. With over two decades of insurance experience, Serenity Group can provide our clients with the coverage they deserve.


What exactly is broad form insurance? Broad form insurance specifically covers the driver rather than the vehicle itself, covering bodily injuries or property damage sustained from outside parties when the insured is at fault. Serenity offers many different types of insurance to suit a diverse range of needs. Our specialty is in SR-22 insurance for high-risk drivers across the country, delivering informative, kind, and friendly customer service and the cheapest coverage options available anywhere. We also offer broad form insurance. Our broad insurance coverage options include:

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Non-Owner Insurance
  • SR22/FR44 Insurance
  • RV & Trailer Insurance
  • Boat Insurance

You’ll insure a specific driver and not a certain vehicle. If you’re looking for affordable boat insurance, turn to Serenity Group. If you have questions about the different types of board form insurance coverage we offer, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ve been in business for over two decades, making us experts at saving you money. We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Serenity Group always puts the client first, and our agents will guide you through all insurance processes. Turn to us for your affordable RV insurance needs and more. At Serenity Insurance, we help our clients obtain insurance quotes that align with their financial status and income. If you need access to affordable vehicle insurance after an alcohol-related offense, contact our insurance specialists today.

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SR22 Insurance

In order to reinstate your license after a DUI, you need a high risk auto insurance policy and an SR22 filed with the DMV.

Non Owner Insurance

Non owner car insurance fulfills SR22 requirements if you do not own or have access to a vehicle.

Broad Form Insurance

Whether or not you own a car, broad form fulfills SR22 requirements without requiring you to insure a vehicle.

Motorcycle Insurance

From basic scooter coverage to SR22 filing for high risk riders, our unbeatable policies allow you to ride easy.

Boat Insurance

Boating accidents cause 40 million dollars of damage each year. Prevent financial loss with our affordable boat insurance.

RV & Trailer Insurance

Secure the investment you’ve made in your home away from home with our RV and trailer insurance.