Affordable SR22 Motorcycle Insurance and Moped Insurance

Vehicle ownership comes with various responsibilities: practicing safe driving habits, vehicle upkeep and maintenance, finding the right insurance coverage, and many more duties. Owning a motorcycle, in particular, can be an incredibly freeing experience. Motorcyclists get to experience the outdoors in a unique way, with the wind blowing against their skin, fresh air, and the natural sounds of the world. However, if you have a DUI, didn’t have insurance during a minor traffic offense, or drove under suspicion (DUS), you may need to apply for SR22 insurance coverage.

We at Serenity Group offer affordable SR22 motorcycle insurance to individuals with a history of alcohol-related offenses, DUIs, or other reckless driving offenses. We use real-time comparison strategies using data collected from many different insurance providers to find you the best coverage available. With nearly 30 years of insurance business experience, we at Serenity Insurance offer unique insurance agency services that focus on the needs of drivers with alcohol-related offenses.

Finding cheap moped insurance can quickly turn into a stressful endeavor, depending on your ride’s make and model. It’s more common for sports bikes to cost more when compared to cruise-style bikes, so we at Serenity Group can help you find the right coverage that meets your needs. Each state varies in its motor scooter SR 22 insurance coverage requirements, but the average amount of time you will need this type of insurance is between three to five years. After an alcohol-related offense, maintaining your SR22 motorcycle insurance coverage without lapsing or canceling is essential. After all, your license can become suspended once again upon a canceled insurance policy.

Serenity Insurance’s mission is to provide exceptionally caring, considerate, and confidential service with cost-efficient SR22 and FR44 coverage after DUIs and alcohol-related offenses. We value treating our clients with respect and dignity, along with practicing courteous and timely customer service.

Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

Our real-time rate comparison among the nation’s leading insurance companies allows us to find you the cheapest motorcycle, moped, or scooter insurance to fit your needs!

SR22 Motorcycle Insurance

To reinstate your motorcycle license after a DUI or multiple infractions, most states require an SR22. Serenity Insurance makes it as easy as possible to get motorcycle insurance after a DUI.

While some companies only offer SR22 filing to people with auto insurance, we are glad to pair an SR22 with your motorcycle insurance. If you have any inquiries regarding our SR22 motorcycle insurance or our motor scooter and moped coverage, contact our specialists today.

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