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DUI vs. DWAI: What’s the Difference in Colorado?

You may hear several terms about drunk driving when you live in Colorado. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between DUI and DWAI.

Why Are There Different Acronyms for Impaired Driving?

Driving while drunk or intoxicated is illegal in all 50 states, but many states use different terminology for the charge. Here’s why that’s the case.

What To Expect After Your First DUI Charge

A DUI charge is very serious and can come with some heavy punishments, even if it’s your first charge. Here’s what you should expect after the charge.

How SR-22 Insurance Can Affect Your Job Search

SR-22 insurance is something you want to avoid as a driver, as it can make your life a lot harder. Here’s how it can affect you when searching for a new job.

10 Terms To Know When Filing for Car Insurance

Shopping for car insurance means navigating a bunch of complex ideas. To help you do that, here are some of the terms you should know when filing.

Can You Still Get SR22 Insurance With Bad Credit?

Getting SR22 insurance means you need to pay a lot every month to get coverage. However, it’s a necessity for many people who want to drive after getting their license revoked. Many confusing misconceptions surround SR22 insurance; you might wonder …

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Can You Change Insurance Policies After a DUI?

If the state charges you with DUI, you’ll notice your insurance premium rise. You should know if you can change your policy after a DUI charge.

Why Non-Owner Insurance Is Better Than a Bond

If you don’t own a vehicle but still want to drive, you can choose between a bond and non-owner insurance. However, non-owner insurance offers more for drivers.

How a DUI on Your Record Can Impact Your Travel Plans

There are many things you need to consider while traveling, but beforehand you should check how a DUI on your record will impact your travels if you have one.

Why the Food Industry Needs Commercial Auto Insurance

It may surprise you to learn that the food industry frequently uses commercial auto insurance. In fact, it’s vital for many businesses in the industry.