5 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving At Your Holiday Party

5 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving At Your Holiday Party

It doesn’t matter if a party has delectable pastries, a fantastic DJ, or outstanding entertainment—if one of your guests is hurt, your event becomes a tragedy. If you’re organizing a holiday party or hosting a dinner, making sure your guests are pleased, well-fed, and safe are your top priorities. Unfortunately, when there’s alcohol involved, guaranteeing guest safety isn’t always straightforward. If you serve drinks at your party, some of your guests may end up a touch tipsy by the time they’re ready to drive home. To help keep your guests safe, implement these five ways to prevent drunk driving at your holiday party!

Plan Ahead

Inquire about your guests’ plans for getting home after your celebration when they RSVP. If they don’t have a safe mode of transportation in mind, propose public transit or ride-sharing services. You can also coordinate with designated drivers at this point.

Serve Plenty of Food

When your guests consume alcohol on an empty stomach, they quickly absorb the alcohol. You can slow down this process and keep guests from becoming overly inebriated or ill by providing plenty of treats to munch on throughout the night. Serve popcorn, salted nuts, and other salty foods sparingly, however, as they will make people thirsty and encourage them to drink more.

Monitor Alcohol Consumption

Keep an eye on your visitors, and don’t hesitate to speak up if you think someone has had too many drinks. Never rush to refill empty glasses or push drinks—remember, you don’t need alcohol to have an enjoyable time.

Limit Your Own Alcohol Intake

As a good host, you should limit your own alcohol use and encourage your visitors to do the same. Remember that at the end of the night, you’ll need to tell who is sober enough to drive home and keep inebriated guests safe.

Stop Serving Alcohol Towards the End of the Night

The average person metabolizes alcohol at a rate of one drink per hour. Allow plenty of time for your guests to sober up before driving home. After the bar has closed, provide guests coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks to help them get back on their feet.

We hope this article has given you some valuable information on the top five ways to prevent drunk driving at your holiday party! While keeping your guests safe during and after the party has challenges, staying prepared with a broad form insurance policy never hurts. Our team at Serenity Group has you covered. We dedicate ourselves to keeping the insurance process as easy and simple for you as possible so that you can focus on driving worry-free.