The Difficulty of Renting a Car After a DUI

The Difficulty of Renting a Car After a DUI

An automobile rental firm has the legal authority to refuse to lend a vehicle to anyone who has been convicted of a DUI—and most do. However, the amount of time that has passed between your DUI conviction and your application for a rental affects whether you will be approved. You may need to rent a car while on vacation or on business, and you might be wondering if your previous DUI on your driving record will prevent you from getting around. It is tough to rent a car if you have a DUI on your record. That is only one of the numerous long-term ramifications of a DUI conviction that most drivers are unaware of. Here is why it is difficult to rent a car after a DUI.

How a Car Rental Company Views Your Past DUI Convictions

Your driving record will be checked by a car rental business. After all, they’re about to lend you a car and want to make sure you’re not a liability. Most companies, including well-known rental companies like Avis, will turn down anyone with a DUI on their record. They all have limits on how far they look and consider a DUI in their rejections, though. For example, Avis will only reject someone who has been convicted within the last four years. Other businesses may have a strict policy of rejecting anyone who has had three or more offenses in the previous two years, regardless of whether all three were DUIs. As a result, you could be turned down if you have speeding tickets, a DUI, or another citation. Even so, in these conditions, you are likely to be able to rent a car if you show proof of past driving school completion as a result of your DUI!

How Your IID Requirement Impacts Your Ability To Rent

Ignition interlock devices are not fitted in rental cars by car rental firms. As a result, if an IID is still necessary in any vehicle you run, you won’t be able to rent a car in the first place. Unfortunately, car rental companies have never been known to tolerate drunk drivers as renters, and as such will likely never install an ignition interlock device on the cars that they do rent.

What if the Company Doesn’t Do a Driving Record Check?

Not all rental car companies do pre-trip background checks. As a result, they may be unaware of your previous convictions. If you are not permitted to operate a vehicle or if your driver’s license has been suspended, do not attempt to rent a vehicle out of state and hope that the rental car business will not notice. You are breaching the law even if they enable you to rent the automobile.

Are Rental Companies Liable for Damage After Renting To a Driver With a DUI?

A driver can rent a vehicle from a car rental company if they have a valid driver’s license and insurance. Car rental firms are not required to look into a driver’s DMV history. Many courts around the country have ruled that if the driver possessed a valid license at the time of the accident and showed no evidence of intoxication, the car rental firm is not accountable. However, automobile rental firms may still refuse to rent car to someone who has been charged with a DUI due to liability concerns. In the cases that they do decide to rent you a car, be sure to take extra care of the car. Other car insurance companies may see your rental history and decide to rent you a car based on your record!

Do Not Drive a Vehicle if You Are Required To Use an IID

When a rental car business runs a pre-screening check on your driving record, it’s possible that they won’t notice you require an IID. If the court has given you an IID as part of your probation, it is your responsibility to use it. If you are pulled over in a rental car and the officer discovers that you are driving a car without an IID, you could face harsh consequences, including jail time.

You May Be Stuck With Alternatives

If you have a DUI, you should contact a few rental vehicle firms in the area where you will be visiting to find out what their policy is on DUIs. Some companies will let you rent a car after a few years, but the more recent your DUI conviction, the less likely you will be able to do so. Rental firms have the authority to reject service to anyone who has been charged with a DUI since they want to avoid any potential losses. Even if you are unable to rent a vehicle, you still have options. While public transit is always an option, ride-sharing services may be available in your area. While these options are not the absolute best situation that one could hope for, take solace in the fact that if you do complete your driving school and pay off your fees, you will eventually regain the privilege of driving!

DUIs Are Not the Only Traffic Violation That May Exclude You From Renting a Car

While a DUI is a solid justification for being turned down, you can also be turned down for other reasons. For example, you could be turned down if you have a record of driving without a license, unpaid parking tickets, or recent car accidents. In these cases, your only option to regain your driving privileges is typically to pay whatever fines you have incurred that is causing your license to be on hold! We hope that this article has been clear in the difficulties in renting a car after a DUI. If you have experienced DUI charges in the last few years and are looking to switch to cheap non-owner car insurance, be sure to reach out to Serenity Group. While other insurance companies may take a lot of time processing your application for insurance, we are dedicated to making the non-owner insurance purchasing process as easy and quick as possible.

The Difficulty of Renting a Car After a DUI