What Jobs Can You Get With a DUI on Your Record?

What Jobs Can You Get With a DUI on Your Record?

You may find it challenging to find work if you have a DUI or DWI on your record. Any drunk driving conviction will be recorded on your permanent record and appear on any background check run on you. You can expect certain hassles and uncomfortable questions if you have been convicted of drunk driving. You do, however, have options for handling possible employer objections. Here are what jobs you can get with a DUI on your record. 

Why Having a DUI May Interfere With Your Ability To Get a Good Job

Let’s begin with why getting a DUI can make things more difficult. Employers perform background checks because hiring someone “risky” could expose them to a lawsuit. A DUI on your record will make it difficult to work for any organization that requires you to drive as part of your job duties, such as a delivery service, messenger service, contractor, etc. Other jobs that may not hire people who have a DUI include:

  • Operators of forklifts or other heavy machinery
  • Real estate agent
  • Outside sales
  • Teachers and daycare workers
  • Military or government contractors

While this might be disconcerting, remember that most other jobs will still be available for you.

Do Your Homework Before Applying for a Job

Take time to research the firm and the job role before showing interest in or applying for a position. You may want to pass up on applying if the occupation falls into one of the categories listed above. If possible, examine the company’s policy on substance abuse and hiring people with a criminal background. If it’s a deal-breaker for the company, your best option is to look elsewhere.

Answering Job Interview Questions About a DUI Conviction

You should not avoid answering inquiries regarding your record, even if you feel uncomfortable volunteering the information. And you should never lie about your criminal record. Most employers will want you to fill out a job application, which will most likely question if you have any criminal convictions. If you don’t answer honestly, you’re setting yourself up for more issues during an interview or if a background check shows you lied.

We hope you have found our recap of what jobs you can get with a DUI on your record helpful. If you’re hunting for a new job and need to be driving around after your conviction, contact Serenity Group today for assistance obtaining cheap SR22 insurance in Washington. We’re here to help!