How To Get Your SR-22 Insurance Removed in California

How To Get Your SR-22 Insurance Removed in California

Have you been ordered to obtain SR-22 insurance by a court? If so, you’re already aware that SR-22 insurance can be costly. SR-22 insurance will cost you thousands of dollars per year in many areas. In fact, having an SR-22 insurance endorsement might double your insurance premiums, even though it provides no further protection. So that you don’t end up paying a moment longer than you need to, here are some tips to help you get your SR-22 insurance removed in California.

Wait the Entire Required Period

After three years, you can get your SR-22 removed in California by alerting your insurance carrier, which will terminate the state’s SR-22 file. The DMV may send you a notification when your SR-22 term is up, but most of the time, they will not. As a result, you may need to contact your insurance company to confirm that you’ve met the conditions and are now allowed to drive without additional insurance requirements.

How Do I Know if I Have Satisfied My SR-22 Certification Requirement?

If you’re unsure if you’ve met your SR-22 certification requirements, contact the DMV to find out when they will remove the high-risk SR-22 designation from your driving record. If you cancel your SR-22 insurance too soon, you risk having to pay fines or even having your license suspended.

What Happens When I Cancel My SR-22 Insurance After I Have Met The Requirements?

Your insurance prices will almost certainly decrease after you cancel your SR-22 because insurance companies will no longer deem you a high-risk driver. Therefore, you should compare insurance quotes from multiple insurance agencies to ensure you’re still getting the best bargain. Furthermore, if you don’t own a vehicle but were formerly obliged to file a non-owner SR-22, you have the option to cancel your insurance altogether.

We hope this article on how to get your SR22 insurance removed in California has helped you. If you require a fair SR22 insurance quote in California, check out Serenity Group today. We strive to make it easy to get affordable coverage with no hassle.