What Happens if You File a Car Insurance Claim With an SR22

What Happens if You File a Car Insurance Claim With an SR22

Filing for car insurance isn’t the same across all the states, as each state has its own regulations and laws. This means some states will have vastly different systems in place that change how individuals need to file. The SR22, for example, which is only applicable in about 40 states, changes car insurance claims drastically. Here’s what you need to know about filing a claim when you have an SR22.

What Is an SR22?

You need to understand what an SR22 is before you can understand how it changes insurance. Simply put, the SR22 is a certificate that is given to those who have broken the law while driving and indicates that they own insurance. This certificate is a mark against the holder, so it has some downsides, as it indicates that you did break the law.

Is It Legal To File?

Filing a claim with car insurance while you have an SR22 is completely legal. The SR22 gives you back the right to own and utilize car insurance, so filing a claim is legal. However, finding a company that will take on drivers with an SR22 may be difficult; be upfront about your SR22 status to save yourself time.

Increase in Prices

The biggest thing that comes from having an SR22 form is the potential increase in your insurance costs. The internal review of your insurance filing will reveal that you have an SR22, which can show that you are a high-risk driver. Whether you’re looking for broad form insurance or a specific insurance plan, it’ll likely cost more when you have an SR22. That’s the major thing that changes when you try filing for car insurance when you have an SR22.

This is what you need to know when it comes to having an SR22 and applying for car insurance and the relevant claims. To put it simply, it’s completely fine to own and use your car insurance, but your prices will likely increase because you have an SR22.