3 Benefits of Having FR44 Insurance You Didn’t Know

3 Benefits of Having FR44 Insurance You Didn’t Know

Every driver needs insurance to own and operate a vehicle. However, that insurance can change drastically depending on each state’s requirements and regulations. That’s where FR44 insurance comes into play, as Florida and Virginia are currently the only states that require FR44 insurance. Even in these states, FR44 insurance isn’t that common, and most drivers won’t ever need it. Even though FR44 and FF44 insurance is a consequence as a result of legal action, there are still some benefits to owning it. To understand that, you must first know more about FR44 insurance as a whole.

What Is the FR44?

The FR44 is a form that some drivers need in Florida and Virginia; completing this form is the only way to legally drive after the government suspends your license. This form is necessary to get the proper insurance for your vehicle once you can get back to driving. After completing this form, you can get the associated insurance from any insurance firm in the state, so long as they meet the requirements of your FR44 form.

What Is FR44 Insurance?

FR44 insurance is any insurance that meets the requirements of the FR44 form. The FR44 requires a certain level of coverage to get back on the road, which changes per state. Florida requires bodily injury liability insurance of $100,000 per person with $300,000 per accident and property damage liability insurance of $50,000. Virginia has the same requirements at a lower dollar amount, with bodily injury liability insurance of $50,000 per person with $100,000 per accident and property damage liability insurance of $40,000. Standard requirements for insurance in each state are significantly less than with the FR44 requirements.

Why Is It Necessary?

FR44 insurance isn’t common, and most drivers will never need it. However, it’s the only way for some drivers to get back on the road after the government revokes their license for certain driving infractions. If you are in this scenario, you will need the form to get insurance for your vehicle and cover any accidents that happen in the future.

Who Needs It?

The FR44 form isn’t necessary for every driver who breaks road laws, only those who commit the worst infractions. Some examples include a DUI or DWI conviction, dangerous driving, and getting into an accident without insurance. Anyone who breaks the law in a serious manner is at risk of receiving an FR44 insurance requirement to get back on the road.

How Do You Obtain FR44 Insurance?

Obtaining insurance that adheres to your FR44 form needs isn’t all that difficult in Virginia and Florida. Because insurance providers in these states know about these requirements, they can quickly help you find what you need. However, you’ll need the form before you can get the insurance, which usually means applying for the form through your local government. Your local officials will then send you the form, which you can give to an insurance provider, clearing you for insurance and moving the process along.

What Does It Mean for You?

Outside of needing the form and leaving a mark on your record, FR44 is more than just a small piece of paper. It has several connotations in society and can affect your life in various ways. The two most direct and important effects this form has are in how it gives you the right to have your own insurance again and what it does to the cost of your insurance.

Right To Own Insurance

In essence, the FR44 form gives you the right to hold your own insurance, which is necessary in order to own and operate a car legally anywhere in the USA. Additionally, this insurance proves that you meet the strict conditions of the FR44, which means you’ll need insurance that’s almost twice as protective than normal in some areas.

Higher Insurance Costs

The biggest downside to FR44 insurance is that insurance providers know you have a history of ignoring road laws, so they’ll be less willing to take a risk on you. Even small accidents that weren’t your fault can increase your insurance premium. The FR44 is a statement saying you’re a risk. That means you can expect your insurance premium to go through the roof, likely doubling it. That’s the real punishment of this form; it requires you to get better insurance that costs a lot more than it previously would have. However, you can find some less expensive FR44 insurance companies in Florida to help offset this cost increase.

The Benefits of FR44 Insurance

Even though FR44 insurance is a punishment for people who broke the law, it doesn’t mean that there are no benefits to this type of insurance. Here’s a look at three benefits that comes with having FR44 insurance.

Everyone Has Insurance

FR44 insurance is a great way to ensure people have insurance in case anything goes wrong in the future. This means it’s far less likely for insurance issues to pop up if an accident does occur. This also means there’s more coverage for everyone in these states, which can be very beneficial when it comes to managing the expenses of car accidents.

Requires Quality Insurance

The quality of insurance within a state also improves because of FR44 requirements. The improvement in quality also means that people can worry less when it comes to a car accident or injury while driving.

Gives You Back Your Right To Drive

The last benefit and main purpose of these forms is that you get back your right to drive on the road. People need these forms when the government revokes their licenses. Securing this type of insurance is the best way for these individuals to move forward once they regain their licenses.

This is the information you need when it comes to the FR44 and its insurance. If you’re a resident of Virginia or Florida and have had your license suspended due to unsafe driving behaviors, you may end up needing this insurance and form to get back on the road. That’s why it’s important for you to know what the FR44 means to you and other drivers.

3 Benefits of Having FR44 Insurance You Didn’t Know