The Consequences of Driving Drunk as a Truck Driver

The Consequences of Driving Drunk as a Truck Driver

While everybody knows that drunk driving is never a good activity to take part in, many do not think to consider the implications and consequences of driving drunk as a truck driver. After all, it may be easy to fall into an addictive habit between the monotonous activity, the lack of oversight, and the long hours that truckers often partake in. To keep you from going down that dark path, here are the most notable consequences of driving drunk as a truck driver! 

The Legal Consequences

Though it might seem obvious, it can be beneficial to undergo a refresher on the legal consequences of drunk driving before exploring the other consequences. Driving any vehicle while drunk comes with the well-known penalties of fines, license disqualification, mandatory driving school, and more. However, when caught drunk driving behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle, there are added consequences. If you get a commercial DUI, the first offense results in commercial license suspension for one year. The second offense is permanent suspension. 

The Social Consequences

While the monetary consequences are hefty, the social consequences are arguably much worse. As a commercial driver, you are going to lose face with your company and customers. They may not trust you to drive safely. If you do not own your own semi-truck, a company may have a hard time trusting you with their property based on your past experiences. Furthermore, you may lose the trust of your family and loved ones, especially if your drunk driving activities led to the injury or death of someone else. 

What To Do if You Need Help With Your Addiction

If you feel that you may have an alcohol addiction and feel that it is time to get help, it is important to reach out to your family and a counseling center immediately. Talk to them about your addiction and ensure that they know how serious it is. Talk to them about enrolling in a treatment program and ask them what they think the best course of action is. Remember that the detoxification process from alcohol is a very lengthy and involved process for which you need a professional.

We hope this article has done a good job of illustrating the consequences of driving drunk as a truck driver. Remember that alcohol addiction is a treatable problem that will only get better once you take the first step toward getting help! If you need help getting any commercial vehicle insurance plans, reach out to Serenity Group today. No matter whether you have been convicted of drunk driving in the past or not, we have great policies that are accessible to you for reasonable rates! Browse our site or reach out today to learn more about the types of SR22 auto insurance we offer.