A Guide To Long-Term Consequences of Driving Drunk

A Guide To Long-Term Consequences of Driving Drunk

It’s no secret that driving drunk can affect you for the rest of your life. The social stigma surrounding drunk driving and the great financial stress it imparts on those convicted is no doubt damaging in the short term. However, many people are unaware of the long-term consequences of drunk driving. To clarify this, here is a guide to the long-term consequences of driving drunk.

Effects on Employment

While drunk driving is extremely harmful in the short term, its long-term effects on employment are arguably even worse. Most jobs now require a background check to ensure that the employees hired are trustworthy. If you have incurred a drunk driving charge, this will show up on the background check, and it’ll be much harder to secure the job. This is especially true with jobs requiring driving as part of the occupation, as a company will have a hard time justifying the risk your employment poses.

License Revocation

One of the major punishments that stem from a DUI conviction is getting your license revoked. While this revocation doesn’t last forever, it will put stress on your life. If your license is revoked, average tasks such as shopping or commuting to and from work will be almost impossible. While using public transportation is an option for many people who are dealing with this, it may not fit your schedule and could even hinder your life.

Car Insurance Rates

When it comes to a DUI conviction, many nearsighted drivers may not consider the changes that may result in their car insurance rates. After a DUI, insurance rates will often skyrocket, leading to difficulties in keeping up your car insurance. In most cases, only a company offering high-risk sr22 insurance (also known as high-risk drivers certificate) will insure an individual convicted with a DUI. Keep in mind that these increases won’t be large—some cases result in car insurance doubling or tripling. 

We hope that this guide to the long-term consequences of driving drunk has helped you further understand how drunk driving can negatively impact your life. If you are looking for reasonable rates on high-risk drivers insurance, reach out to the Serenity Group today!