How To Apply for FR-44 Insurance in Florida

How To Apply for FR-44 Insurance in Florida

Every state is in charge of its own laws and regulations when it comes to vehicle permits and insurance. Some places use unique laws that you should learn about before you visit. In this article, we’ll cover more about the unique Florida punishment FR-44, including what it is and how you can apply for the necessary FR-44 insurance.

What Is the FR-44?

Across the whole country, only two states use the FR-44 system as a form of punishment for people who break the law when driving. A person would need to acquire the FR-44 form once their suspension ends to get their license back from the state. However, you need to qualify for the form, which requires a certain level of insurance coverage from the license holder.

How Does It Differ From the SR-22?

The FR-44 is a unique system, but there’s another common system that many states use to a very similar effect. The SR-22 is another form that people need to receive their license that requires a certain level of insurance coverage. The major difference between the two systems is the FR-44 requires a higher level of insurance coverage than the SR-22.

Florida’s FR-44

The FR-44 isn’t exclusive to one state, but this article will focus on the FR-44 system in Florida and this state’s specific regulations. Keep in mind that each state can use the system however they see fit and change it whenever they feel it needs an update. Currently, the system is still in full swing in Florida, and understanding the Sunshine State’s FR-44 system will help you if you ever plan on moving there.

Potential Punishments

The first thing you should know is how you get the FR-44. Understanding what actions lead to the FR-44 allows you to focus on driving safely and avoiding the issue altogether. Simply put, any form of dangerous or reckless driving has the potential of putting you into the FR-44 system. Common examples of actions that lead to this consequence include driving while under the influence (DUI) or driving without insurance.

Insurance Rates

If you do end up needing an FR-44 form, you should learn about the insurance you’ll need to qualify for the form. Currently, the minimum insurance coverage necessary for someone who needs the FR-44 is $100,000 per person for bodily injury liability and $300,000 per accident for bodily injury. You’ll also need $50,000 for property damage liability to qualify for the FR-44 form. This amount is a major increase from the $10,000 necessary for both property and personal injury coverage necessary for all people in the state.

Length of Time

While the FR-44 is a major punishment, it doesn’t last forever—anyone who needs it will only worry about it for three years in most cases. You no longer need the coverage once that period ends, so long as nothing else happens to extend that time.

Ongoing Requirements

During those three years, you’ll need to keep your insurance for the full time if you want to keep your license. Any missed payments or major infractions can lead to another incident where the state revokes your license. At best, you’ll just need to restart your insurance, but certain situations can lead to a permanent suspension of your license.

How To Apply for the FR-44

When the courts decide that you need the FR-44, they don’t handle the insurance for you or work with you to get your license back. It’s entirely on you to find out how you can qualify and apply for your FR-44 form after the suspension of your license. Read on to learn more about how you can apply for the FR-44 and the necessary insurance in Florida.

Meeting Insurance Rates

The biggest step in qualifying for the FR-44 is finding a company that’s willing to take on your higher risks and cover you for that much money. Many insurance companies aren’t willing to high-risk drivers, but you can find specific companies that specialize in insuring people with an FR-44. You just need to find the right FR-44 insurance company in Florida that can provide the best premiums for your higher coverage. No matter what, you’ll pay more for insurance, but you can mitigate the increase by finding the right company.

Contact Insurance Company

Once you identify a company that can and will cover you, you need to contact the company and work with them to acquire a plan. Once you find your company and have a good plan, you need to request the proper paperwork from them to prove that you now have insurance that qualifies for the FR-44. This step is crucial, as you can’t get your license back without this paperwork proving your insurance coverage.

Reach Out to Local Authorities

Once you have the paperwork proving your insurance levels, you need to contact your local government to start the process of retrieving your license. It’s best if you can call ahead to learn which documents you need to bring with you as you start the license return process. Know that you will likely need a variety of items and documents to receive your license from the government, not just the proof of coverage information.

Once you know which documents are necessary, set aside some time to bring it all and speak with the government officials. You’ll need to tell your insurance company to file your form with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles so that they know you qualify for your FR-44 and have enough insurance. Make sure your insurance company is aware of that fact before you purchase a plan with them.

This article covers the basics of what you need to know when it comes to Florida and the state’s use of the FR-44. Ideally, drivers would want to avoid the form in the first place, as the process costs a lot of money and is a big hassle. But if you can’t avoid it, this article should help guide you as you work to get back your license after a state suspension.

How To Apply for FR-44 Insurance in Florida