2 SR-22 Restrictions To Know Before Going to California

2 SR-22 Restrictions To Know Before Going to California

Every state is in charge of its own laws and legislation when it comes to internal punishments and regulations, which is why some places don’t know about the SR-22. This is a form people may or may not need to regain their license, depending on the state they’re in. Here’s what you should know about SR-22 restrictions if you go to California.

What Is the SR-22

The SR-22 is a form that someone fills out to indicate that they have insurance to regain their license after the state revokes it for a driving infraction. The SR-22 requires you to meet an insurance threshold above the normal state minimum.

How To Get the SR-22

In California, there are a few different ways to get the SR-22, but all of them are serious driving infractions. For example, driving while under the influence and reckless driving will qualify in most circumstances. However, the decision is up to the judge and what they decide.

California’s Requirements

The major thing you should know about California’s SR-22 is the difference in insurance requirements. For California, you need 15,000 dollars for bodily injury liability per person and 30,000 dollars per accident. Additionally, you’ll need 5,000 dollars in property damage liability coverage to qualify for your SR-22. This coverage will increase your insurance premium, but luckily, you can get cheaper SR-22 insurance quotes in California.

Length of SR-22

If you need an SR-22 while in California, it’ll last for only a few years before you can drive without worry. The standard is three years in California. However, any infractions or failed insurance payments can lead to the state revoking your license once again. That’s one of the most important restrictions you should know about SR-22s in California.

So while you never want an SR-22, as it raises your insurance costs and puts you under a lot of pressure, you should still consider its restrictions when moving to California. However, it’s only something you need to worry about if you break the law while driving.