How Long Do You Need SR-22 Insurance in California?

How Long Do You Need SR-22 Insurance in California?

Many people are unaware of the various types of insurance that may be available to them; this is often the case with SR-22 insurance. This is because it is a rarely used type of insurance that is only needed by individuals who have been charged with a DUI incident or any other high-risk driving behaviors. Many people in this situation may be confused and find it hard to understand how long they need to keep this type of insurance policy. The required period for this type of insurance may vary depending on the situation, causing confusion among many different drivers. To help counteract one of the most common questions, we have detailed below how long you need your SR-22 insurance policy in California.

It Depends on the Charges

In most cases, the period in which you need SR-22 insurance in California will vary based on the charges against you. As you may assume, the more serious your charges, the longer you will be required to hold this type of insurance. In many cases, the court will explain the mandatory period for this insurance at the same time that they charge you with your infraction.

The Courts Determine It

In some cases, certain infractions may warrant more severe consequences, in which case the minimum period for holding SR-22 insurance will be longer than the standard. Again, this is based on the severity of the charges, which means not all scenarios will be treated the same way. As such, you can expect there to be a spectrum for the length of time that you will need to hold SR-22 car insurance.

Your Insurance Will Not Cancel for You

Once your required period for holding this type of insurance ends, it is important to remember that your policy will not cancel automatically. If you forget to cancel this type of policy, it may cost you a lot of extra money. You must stay on top of these important dates to ensure you do not overpay for this type of policy. However, it is also important that you do not cancel this type of insurance policy before your required period is over, as it will affect your ability to drive in the future.

We hope we have clarified your questions related to how long you need to have SR-22 insurance in California. If you are looking for a trustworthy SR-22 insurance provider in California, be sure to reach out to Serenity Group today!