How Can a Reckless Driving Charge Impact You

How Can a Reckless Driving Charge Impact You

Nobody plans on receiving a charge for reckless driving, and yet it does happen. Knowing the consequences of such actions might make you think twice in the future before engaging in reckless driving. Here are five ways a reckless driving charge can impact you.


One of the most prominent outcomes of reckless driving are fines and other monetary penalties. In the US, the average fine that goes along with reckless driving is a $5000 penalty. This alone should be a good deterrent for those even considering executing such actions.

Jail Time

Jail time is another common punishment for reckless driving, especially with more extreme examples of reckless driving. In the case of jail time, the length of incarceration is dependent on where the infraction occurs. Some states may quantify reckless driving as a misdemeanor, while others will classify it as a felony.


As far as the social consequences of reckless driving charges are concerned, you may lose your job. Many employers would consider reckless driving to be a liability to their reputation, primarily if you work in a position where you do a lot of driving for work.


If you incur reckless driving charges, your reputation may suffer. Anyone who knowingly endangers those around them through actions such as reckless driving is looked down upon in the public eye. If you are a notable figure in your community or business practice, reckless driving may be one such activity that instantly topples your credibility.

Insurance Rates

The most obvious of these consequences, assuming you are still allowed to drive after the incident, is that your insurance rates will go up. On average, insurance premiums can increase by over twice the amount you would see in a common speeding violation. This, combined with the exceedingly large fine that you can incur, will most likely ensure that you will not be able to afford to drive for a while. Furthermore, some states do not allow you to attend driving school if you have incurred such a charge and will instead suspend your license for a period.

It should be clear by now that under no circumstance is reckless driving worth the penalty it brings with it. We hope that this guide has successfully demystified how a reckless driving charge can impact you, your livelihood, and your wallet. If you or someone you know requires work vehicle insurance, personal vehicle insurance, or any other SR-22 related insurance, make sure to reach out to Serenity Group.