How Can a Driving Infraction Affect Your Credit?

How Can a Driving Infraction Affect Your Credit?

While most people consider driving a right, in reality, it is a privilege—and an expensive and somewhat risky one at that. Many never consider the financial implications of driving, nor do we consider the ramifications of driving infractions. When driving at a young age, it’s important to understand how a driving infraction can affect your credit.

Direct Consequence

A driving infraction only affects your credit if you do not pay the ticket. Whether it’s because you forgot about the ticket or did not have enough money at the time, in the eyes of the law, an unpaid ticket is just that: an unpaid ticket. Often, traffic fines will double or even triple depending on the offense, leading to some hefty fines.

Indirect Consequence

Beyond this, traffic fines will directly impact your credit. Significant fines must be paid off right away to stave off a further penalty, which means fewer available resources for other payments such as credit card bills. You may even go into debt paying off bills because of your fines, putting your credit further at risk. Furthermore, if you do receive a penalty, not only will you have to pay the ticket, but also the insurance hike that comes along with it. On average, a motorist can expect to see:

  • 82% increase for a hit and run
  • 74% increase for DUI
  • 43% increase for an at-fault accident
  • 23% increase for improper passing and speeding

As you can see from those numbers, receiving a traffic violation can lead to heavy increases in insurance premiums, alongside the cost of the ticket.

What You Can Do

Often, preventative measures are the best course of action. Obeying all speed limits, construction zone signage, and traffic lights will save you a ton of money and, more importantly, your life. Simply put, all ticket-able offenses are never worth the risk at which they put you, other motorists, or your bank account. Make every effort to drive safely and always obey all traffic laws, whether you are stuck in traffic or alone on the road.

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