Consequences of Driving While Uninsured

Consequences of Driving While Uninsured

At this point, everybody knows you must have insurance to drive a car. This is to protect you and other drivers on the road from any monetary damage that occurs and to serve as a validation to your license and prove the car is yours. While the first case of driving without insurance may result in a fine, repeated offenses can cause you to undergo serious punishment. Here are the various consequences of driving while uninsured.

License Suspension

One of the immediate consequences you can expect is getting your license suspended. While the duration can vary by state, in most cases, it ends once you show proof of insurance or file for an SR-22. In other states, the suspension may be a set time period. In any case, the license suspension will stick on your driving record forever.

Sr-22 Requirements

One of the requirements by most states to recover your license is to show proof of insurance in the form of Sr-22 type insurance. SR-22 insurance is a policy for drivers deemed to be high risk due to automobile-related offenses. This will be a broad-form insurance policy in most situations and is secondary to your regular insurance policy.

Potential Jail Time

In most states, driving without insurance is a misdemeanor offense potentially leading to a prison sentence. While jail time likely won’t be imposed after a first offense, repeat offenses will definitely result in jail time and a greater fine. In most cases, if you’re jailed over an insurance offense, you could face up to two days to two weeks in jail.

Vehicle Impounding

In most cases where a driver is found at fault of an accident and driving without proper insurance, the vehicle will be impounded along with your license and registration. Most states typically require you to submit valid proof of insurance to the state’s DMV.

In every case, the consequences of driving while uninsured simply aren’t worth the risk. If you get caught without insurance, your actions will make owning a car extremely costly—and in some cases too costly to maintain. If you value your privilege of mobility, please get the proper insurance!