Can You Change Insurance Policies After a DUI?

Can You Change Insurance Policies After a DUI?

A lot changes when a person gets a DUI charge. They can lose their license, get sentenced to jail time, and have to pay big fines, depending on what state they’re in and what the judge rules. One change most people will notice is the increase in insurance costs, as your record shows that you aren’t a safe driver. When you see those prices increase, you’ll likely wonder if you can change your insurance with a DUI charge.

You Can Switch

If you’re looking to change your insurance policy or provider after a DUI charge, there’s nothing stopping you. While you need to stay on an insurance policy, you can find another company to insure you. In fact, many states have SR-22 or FR-44 insurance requirements in the event of a DUI. You must get FR-44 insurance quotes to make sure you’re getting the right insurance for the best price.

Why You Should Change

The biggest reason to change your policy is the premium you pay every month. In most cases, DUIs cause your insurance premium to increase, but that increase can vary across different companies. That’s why shopping for insurance quotes with your new record can help you identify the best insurance company for you.

Recovering From a DUI Charge

You’ll have to take steps to get back on track after a DUI charge. It’s difficult to get your finances in order after a conviction, but you can talk to a professional about mitigating some of the losses and getting back in good financial standing.

A DUI charge is never good, but there are things you can do to manage the consequences. Changing your insurance after a DUI charge is one way to move forward. Talking to a professional about recovering financially and driving safely in the future can make all the difference in the long run.