Why Non-Owner Insurance Is Better Than a Bond

Why Non-Owner Insurance Is Better Than a Bond

Many people do not realize all the benefits non-owner insurance has over a bond. While a bond is great as it helps cover the payments for liability in the case of an accident, non-owner insurance can provide a lot more. Here is a look at some of the different benefits that come from choosing non-owner insurance over a bond.

Bonds Have Limited Coverage

Bonds are great for covering liability in an accident, but that’s all they’ll cover. Non-owner insurance will cover the potential loss of your car and payments for repairs if you need them. This coverage makes a huge difference financially for anyone who’s in an accident, even if they aren’t the cause of it. Additionally, bonds only cover you in-state, so they won’t protect you if you drive outside of the state.

You Can Add More Coverage

Not only does non-owner insurance come with more coverage, but it offers many options for additional coverage. For example, you can add medical payment benefits or uninsured motorist coverage with affordable non-owner car insurance. These extra options add layers of protection that a bond cannot offer.

Non-Owner Insurance Offers Medical Coverage

A big difference between bonds and non-owner auto insurance is medical coverage. A bond only pays out to the other party if you’re liable for them; it doesn’t help you pay for medical bills. Non-owner insurance can help you pay for your medical and repair bills after an accident, potentially saving you a lot of money. This is one of the biggest benefits of using non-owner insurance instead of a bond.

If you’re seriously considering getting a bond or non-owner insurance, it’s safe to say that a bond offers far less coverage and will only protect you in a small number of situations. You’ll get a lot more protection by investing in non-owner insurance.