4 Tips To Keep You Safe While Driving in the Winter

4 Tips To Keep You Safe While Driving in the Winter

Winter is the most dangerous time of the year for drivers, with the highest number of fatal accidents and drunk driving incidents. However, it’s possible to be safe while driving in colder weather if you take the proper precautions. Here’s what you should know about driving safely in winter.

Drive Only When Safe

The first thing you should do is drive only when necessary and as the weather permits. Driving in winter storms or when there’s ice on the road will increase your risk of an accident. It’s best to wait for clearer days and take main roads as they’ll be better maintained.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Vehicle maintenance is key for driving safely in the winter. The cold can make driving difficult as your car goes through additional wear in these months. Keeping your vehicle warm in storage and performing frequent maintenance can help keep it in pristine condition for driving. Top off any fluids and clean off the snow as soon as possible, and your car will be all the better for it.

Take It Slow

Whether it looks like a clear day or you’re driving on ice, it’s important to be careful on the road. Practice safe driving and give yourself extra time to stop and accelerate. This will help you maintain control and give you the time to react to dangerous situations. This is especially important in certain states. For example, reckless driving can result in an FR-44 in Virginia.

Winterize Your Vehicle

One way to increase your safety when driving in winter is to invest in winter equipment for your vehicle. For example, changing your tires to snow tires can give you a lot more control on the road. You should always have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Update it with winter gear like blankets and an ice scraper to help you in the colder months.

It’s not possible to be completely safe when driving in winter, just like at any time. But these tricks and tips should help you mitigate a lot of the dangers that come with the cold. The best way to be safe is to avoid driving in poor conditions and drive for the shortest distance possible on the safest roads.