3 Excuses That Won’t Get You Out of a DUI

3 Excuses That Won’t Get You Out of a DUI

There is no excuse for drinking and driving. If you find yourself with a DUI charge, the best course of action is to face the consequences of your choices. The sooner you work to meet your requirements—such as taking alcohol education courses, paying fines, and shopping online for SR22 insurance—the sooner you can reinstate your license and get back to your life. That said, some excuses are worse than others. If an officer pulls you over, you should think carefully before you say something that will make the situation worse. No matter what, avoid these three excuses that won’t get you out of a DUI.

I Only Had…

If your first thought is to justify the amount of alcohol you’ve had, you might want to think again. While you might not feel intoxicated after only a drink or two, that’s not going to explain why the officer saw you swerving all over the road. Don’t try to guess or explain your BAC level. Bodies process alcohol at different rates, so simply saying that you can handle your liquor isn’t a convincing argument. Similarly, many people try to claim they drive more carefully after a drink or two. While you might feel more in control, countless studies show that reaction times, motor skills, depth perception, and other crucial skills worsen with alcohol consumption.

I Pulled Over To Sleep It Off

Another common excuse is that you recognize you shouldn’t be driving and pulled to the side of the road to sleep it off until you felt safe to drive. Unfortunately, the act of pulling over means you were still operating a vehicle while intoxicated, which is both unsafe and illegal. As such, using this excuse is essentially admitting to the fact that you were drinking and driving. That isn’t going to do you any favors in the long run. If you know you shouldn’t be driving in your current state, don’t drive anywhere, even if it’s just a short distance.

I Didn’t Want To Leave My Vehicle

If you didn’t plan for a way to get home, you might find yourself struggling to figure out the logistics of getting both you and your vehicle home safely after a few drinks. One of the most common excuses that won’t get you out of a DUI is stating that you didn’t want to get a parking ticket or pay for a towed vehicle. While these costs can be a pain, that doesn’t change the fact that drinking and driving puts yourself and others in danger. If you’re worried about paying for an illegally parked vehicle, keep in mind that a DUI is far more expensive.