2 Tips for How To Contest a DUI Charge

2 Tips for How To Contest a DUI Charge

If you face a charge for drinking and driving, you will likely face a lot of stress and confusion. The details of a DUI charge can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. However, that does not mean your situation is hopeless. Depending on the circumstances around your arrest, you might be able to completely dismiss the charges against you. There are a few ways attorneys can attempt to avoid a guilty charge in a DUI case. While this guide is not intended to provide legal advice, you can learn more by checking out these tips for how to contest a DUI charge.

Prove the Stop Was Unlawful

A police officer needs to follow certain legal procedures whenever they pull someone over. Failure to follow them gives you a chance to throw the entire charge into question. For example, officers need probable cause to pull someone over, such as seeing them swerve, speed, or run a red light. However, an officer might simply be pulling you over because you are driving late at night when most people are returning home from bars. If you can prove that the officer who stopped you had no legal grounds to do so, you might be able to dismiss the DUI charge.

Challenge Credibility

One of the most common tips for how to contest a DUI charge is to challenge the credibility of the evidence. Depending on what sobriety test you take, the evidence of your intoxication might be unreliable. Field sobriety tests such as balancing on one leg or walking in a straight line are extremely subjective, and many people cannot pass these tests sober. This makes them easy to dismiss in court. A breathalyzer test is also often unreliable, as it reads the amount of alcohol on your breath rather than in your blood. Improper operation, device malfunctions, and certain physiological conditions can all result in an inaccurate reading of your BAC level.

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