Why You Should Have Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

Why You Should Have Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

It’s no secret that obtaining insurance can be difficult after receiving a DUI or reckless driving charge. According to Insure.com, on average, “drivers will pay 76 percent more [in insurance] after a drunken driving conviction.” That amount of money can seem insurmountable. However, there are other, more affordable options.

A non-owner SR22 insurance policy is a great option for those without a household vehicle. If this situation applies to you, here’s why you should have non-owner SR22 insurance.

What is a non-owner SR22?

The fundamental difference between regular SR22 insurance and non-owner SR22 insurance is that the latter is for those who don’t own a vehicle. If you sold your vehicle after you got your license revoked, or if no one in your household has a vehicle you could drive regularly, it makes much more sense to get non-owner’s insurance. That way, you can still work toward regaining your license, and you’ll still be able to drive a vehicle if the opportunity arises.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for this specific type of insurance, there are certain conditions you must meet. Potential applicants must not own a vehicle, have access to a vehicle in their household, and have an ignition interlock device requirement. If you meet all the criteria, non-owner SR22 insurance could be the right fit for your driving needs.

Perks of a non-owner SR22 insurance policy

There are several advantages to obtaining non-owner SR22 insurance. When compared with a regular car insurance policy, non-owner insurance is much more affordable. Avoid the huge purchase of investing in a car, as this will only lead to having to pay more expensive insurance. Non-owner’s insurance will allow you to save money while working toward obtaining your license. In addition, you’ll get some much-needed coverage for when you do need to drive. When it comes to getting behind the wheel, you can never be too safe.

For those without regular access to a car, cheap non-owner auto insurance is a great option. As with anything else, it’s all about preparation and research when it comes to if you should have non-owner SR22 insurance. From an SR22 in Indiana to California, once you find the right policy for you, you can embark on your journey to renewed independence.