Why You May Want Nonowner Car Insurance After a DUI

Why You May Want Nonowner Car Insurance After a DUI

A liability policy for people who drive but don’t own a car is known as nonowner auto insurance. A nonowner policy is a relatively inexpensive choice for auto insurance liability coverage, whether you frequently rent or borrow a car or need to file an SR-22 without a vehicle. Here are some reasons why you may want nonowner car insurance after a DUI.

What Is Nonowner Car Insurance?

When you drive a vehicle that you don’t own, nonowner insurance—also known as nondriver insurance—provides liability coverage for physical injury and property damage. So if you’re in a car accident with another motorist and are judged to be at fault, your nonowner insurance coverage will protect you from litigation, just like a standard liability policy.

However, a nonowner auto insurance policy will not contain comprehensive or collision coverage because no individual vehicle is connected to it. As a result, if you’re in a collision, it won’t cover damage to your automobile, any hospital fees, or other expenditures related to your injuries.

Nonowner SR-22 Insurance

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or a significant traffic infraction, you may require SR-22 or FR-44 insurance to reinstate your driver’s license. SR-22 rules may necessitate higher limits, and you may be required to maintain this coverage for a period of two to five years in order to keep your license. Because you can’t file an SR-22 yourself and must rely on your insurer to do so, a nonowner SR-22 policy can be useful, especially if you don’t own a car. The firm where you bought your nonowner policy can file the SR-22 on your behalf and get you back on the road to getting your license reinstated.

Nonowner insurance is less expensive, which is one of the main advantages of utilizing it for an SR-22. Depending on why the SR-22 was required, you’ll still have higher rates, but they won’t be as high as they would have been with a standard auto insurance coverage.

How To Get a Cheap Policy

Despite the fact that most major auto insurance companies provide nonowner plans, none of them provide online nonowner insurance estimates. Even Geico, which is known for its simple online approach, requires you to phone an agent to obtain a quote. Your driving history and personal details will determine which company is best for your nonowner auto insurance policy, as these elements will influence your rate. Furthermore, in some states, some insurers don’t even offer nonowner insurance. We recommend calling various insurers and getting multiple vehicle insurance quotes before making a purchase to guarantee you get the best deal.

We hope this article has helped you get a hold on why you may want nonowner car insurance after a DUI. If you’re looking for cheap nonowner’s auto insurance, be sure to reach out to Serenity Group. We are dedicated to making the process as easy as possible.