Why Are Men More Likely To Need SR-22 Insurance Than Women?

Why Are Men More Likely To Need SR-22 Insurance Than Women?

SR-22 insurance is necessary for those who break the law and need their license back. Currently, there are far more men than women on these insurance plans, but why is that the case? Why are there more men who need SR-22 insurance than women? Here is a look at some of the possible reasons.

Driving Distance

One of the biggest reasons for the discrepancy between men and women who need SR-22 insurance is how many miles they drive. On average, men drive more miles than women, which means they have more chances of getting in trouble with the law. This largely impacts the ratio of men to women who are on SR-22 insurance.

Risky Behaviors

Another big difference between men and women regarding SR-22 insurance is that men are more likely to practice risky driving. Even if you break the law, you do not need SR-22 insurance unless it is a serious driving infraction. Statistically, men are more likely to participate in risky driving behaviors that may require them to get SR-22 insurance.

Illegal Driving

Just like with risky behavior, men are more likely to drive illegally, which puts them at a greater risk of the state revoking their license. Specifically, men are more likely to drive while under the influence, which is one of the major crimes that result in getting your license suspended. This is why men are more likely to need SR-22 insurance.

Luckily, you can avoid these issues by following the law and driving safely and legally. Otherwise, you risk the state revoking your license and needing an SR-22 insurance plan. If you do need insurance, you can get affordable SR-22 car insurance from us at Serenity Group. We will help you get the coverage you need to qualify for your license without breaking the bank.