What To Expect After Your First DUI Charge

What To Expect After Your First DUI Charge

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the worst things a driver can do on the road. First-time offenders face serious repercussions, and repeat offenders have even worse consequences. We’ll explain what to expect after your first DUI charge.

State Difference

The exact numbers and punishments of a DUI are left up to each state in the US. One state may have harsher rules or use different punishments around DUI charges. While it’s impossible to cover every law in every state, we’ll cover some common punishments and consequences.

Fines and License Suspension

A fine is the most common punishment for a DUI charge. The amount varies widely depending on the state and severity of the crime. Additionally, many states will suspend your license after the charge, while some may revoke your license altogether. This depends on the nature of the crime and the state’s laws.

Potential Jail Time

In severe cases, jail time is a possibility for first-time offenders. DUI charges are serious, and some are considered felony charges rather than misdemeanors. If the judge determines jail time is necessary for your case, you may have to serve.

Insurance Effects

While the laws around DUI charges normally don’t affect insurance, the charge can negatively impact your insurance. In most cases, your premium will increase if you have a DUI charge on your permanent record. Additionally, some states use FR44 systems for people who need to acquire their license after a suspension. You’ll want to find FR44 insurance quotes in Florida to get your license back after a suspension.

This post should help you understand what to expect after your first DUI charge. While the exact repercussions depend on the state you’re in and the severity of the case, you can use our guide through this time.