What Are the 3 Most Common Types of Drivers?

What Are the 3 Most Common Types of Drivers?

As you drive more, you’ll discover trends and similarities in the way other people drive. There are many different driving styles, but most fall into distinct groups with distinct characteristics. Here are three of the most common types of drivers you’ll come across on the road!

The Racecar Drivers

You know who they are — weaving in and out of traffic, accelerating way too quickly when several people are nearby, and being speed demons in general. They act as if they belong on a NASCAR track rather than the highway! These drivers are unsafe to be around and, to be honest, frightening to watch. Driving recklessly over the speed limit puts people in potentially dangerous circumstances, and you don’t want to be the one to blame. Stick to the speed limit to avoid becoming one of these “racecar drivers.”

The Text-and-Drivers

Even though everyone understands the dangers of texting while driving, there are still people who do it. Some people appear unaware of the alarming facts of distracted driving-related incidents. That is, however, an even stronger incentive to avoid driving while preoccupied! Maintain vigilance so that if other drivers are distracted, you can take protective action to avoid an accident.

The Nervous Nellies

Finally, some folks appear to have no idea what’s happening behind the wheel and respond primarily out of panic. These drivers frequently do not know what to do next, so they drive slower than the speed limit or pause before merging or turning. Because they are prone to panic, they can be dangerous. This panic can cause individuals to make poor decisions, leading to crashes. Keep an eye out for these drivers, and be ready to take protective action if required. If you are one of these drivers, consider looking at non owner vehicle insurance, as this can help you cushion the blow if you get in an accident!

We hope you enjoyed our review of the three most common types of drivers! Make sure you’re focused on the road and driving defensively to safeguard yourself and others. If you are in the market for insurance, be sure to reach out to Serenity Group today for a fair quote and amazing service!