What a DUI Police Report Includes

What a DUI Police Report Includes

After a DUI charge, police officers will write a report that summarizes the arrest. This report includes all the evidence the police have against the person they arrested. If you’re facing a DUI charge, you will likely receive a copy of this report at your arraignment. It can prove invaluable when building a defense case. Even if you plead guilty, the police report will include useful information about what happened and what charges you face. Learn more about what a DUI police report includes and how it affects you with this guide.

Tests and Results

Field sobriety tests, breathalyzer reports, and other tests make up a large part of the evidence police typically use in a DUI case. Your DUI police report will include a checklist for the field sobriety tests you took. It will document which tests you performed and how well—or how poorly—you did. The police report will also include a printout of the PAS test or your breath machine results, depending on which of these tests you took. If you submitted to a blood or urine test at the station, your police report will also include a lab report of those test results. These various tests provide evidence for your BAC and level of intoxication while you were driving, at the time of the arrest, and throughout the rest of the night.

The Arresting Officer’s Narrative

Officer narratives and testimonies also make up part of what a DUI police report includes. This narrative will go over the officer’s statements about what happened throughout the stop, tests, and arrest process. It will include why the officer stopped you in the first place, as police must have justification for pulling a driver over. The officer’s statement will also describe your behavior as you handed over your license and registration and performed your field sobriety tests. Keep in mind that these statements are subjective, so they might not always be accurate. However, this narrative—along with any other evidence on the police report—offers insight into how the prosecution will prove their case against you. If you plan to fight your charge, you and your attorney can use the information in the report to build your defense and absolve you of the consequences.

No matter what your DUI police report includes, a guilty conviction will lead to the same consequences. If you find yourself facing the legal and financial ramifications of a DUI conviction, Serenity Group wants to help. With our expert team and resources, you can easily compare SR22 insurance quotes in California or any state you live in. We’ll help you meet your SR22 requirement so that you can focus on the other details of your DUI.