Tips for Reducing Dangerous Driving Habits

Tips for Reducing Dangerous Driving Habits

You may have questioned what factors your insurance company employs to calculate prices for auto insurance. Back in the day, age, sex, geographic region, and credit score were all used to decide whether or not you were a high-risk client. Nowadays, some insurance companies use driving behavior data in addition to these items.

As insurance premiums rise, every motorist is looking for ways to help decrease road traffic accidents and save money. Adopting safe driving habits is one of the easiest things you can do to lower costs. Here are some of the best tips for reducing dangerous driving habits to ensure you can avoid additional coverage due to a poor driving record.

Try To Avoid Large Vehicles 

Large trucks and cars can generate traffic congestion and road debris in nearby areas. As a result, maintain a steady pace and slowly pass them. Additionally, remain a safe distance from larger vehicles, as huge trucks and cars have difficulty stopping compared to compact vehicles.

Don’t Drive Without a Seatbelt

This goes for drivers and passengers alike. This is the first precaution drivers should take, but many fail to do so. If you have trouble remembering, consider putting a note on your dash that will remind you every time you get in the car. Remember, this is not some arbitrary rule we are talking about—this is your life!

Avoid Any Type of Confrontation

Nobody knows what the other driver is thinking; therefore, it’s important to remain cautious and keep a safe distance from distracted drivers. When poor drivers aren’t paying attention to the road and traffic signals or become upset when someone else isn’t following the rules, they can create catastrophes. Remember to stay calm and safely remove yourself from any dangerous situations. Road anger isn’t worth the risk of a tragic accident.

Always Look Before Switching Lanes

One of the best tips for reducing dangerous driving habits is to not weave in and out of lanes. You want to be mindful of the traffic around you, and by continually switching lanes, it’s easy to lose track of other cars. This is a surefire method to miss those in your blind spot, causing other motorists to panic, which may lead to an accident. Unless you have to change, stay in your lane.

Reducing your worst driving habits may help you avoid accidents, but it also can help you avoid being labeled a high-risk driver by your insurance company. However, if you ever find yourself needing additional cover and are looking for affordable SR22 car insurance, be sure to reach out to Serenity Group.