The Hidden Costs of Getting a DUI

The Hidden Costs of Getting a DUI

Most people associate only monetary fines and a possible loss of license as the main punishment for a DUI. It’s true that these are the most prevalent fines related to a DUI, but you should be aware of some other potential consequences. Here are the hidden costs of getting a DUI.

Employment Consequences

More often than not, a DUI goes onto your criminal record. This could be a problem if your employer requires that you keep a clean driving record or have a valid driver’s license. If you have a DUI on record, you may lose your job or miss out on new job opportunities. Another thing you must factor into this is how much time off you must take from work to deal with the mandatory court dates.

Mandatory Jail Time

What many people don’t realize is that a DUI often equates to mandatory jail time. It can be 24 to 48 hours of jail time in typical circumstances, although this goes up exponentially with second or third offenses.

Ignition Interlock Device

Another unseen consequence you could experience is having an ignition interlock device installed in your car. These devices require you to take a blood alcohol content (BAC) test to prove your sobriety before you can start the car. These devices may also require you to blow into them periodically to keep driving. Furthermore, these devices can be expensive to install and maintain.

Higher Auto Insurance Costs

There’s usually a one-time monetary fine, but a DUI charge can incur even more expenses due to the increased insurance rates you’ll likely experience. You may also be required to take out SR-22 high-risk insurance to be able to start driving again. If you need cheap SR-22 insurance online, visit Serenity Group for more information.

Alcohol or Drug Evaluation

More often than not, part of the penalties for a DUI is the requirement to take a drug or alcohol evaluation. Included in this is the completion of whatever treatment is then recommended. These treatments can range from a day in class at an alcohol and drug information school to outpatient treatment. All of this could cost between several hundred and several thousand dollars.

The immediate costs are bad, but the long-term effects and hidden costs of getting DUI are worse. If you or anyone you know has any more questions about the DUI process, contact Serenity Group for more information.