The Difference Between Reckless and Negligent Driving

The Difference Between Reckless and Negligent Driving

Traffic violations come in many different varieties. The specific circumstances surrounding your case significantly influence the consequences you’ll face. That’s why you should know the details about different moving violations—especially if you’re facing a conviction for a mistake behind the wheel. When it comes to reckless and negligent driving, the circumstances of the offense might look similar, but your intent makes all the difference. Learn more about the difference between reckless and negligent driving with this overview of each violation.

Negligent Driving

When you get behind the wheel, you have a responsibility to yourself and others. You must take care of and prioritize everyone’s safety while on the road. Failure to take reasonable care can lead to property damage, injury, or worse. If you don’t follow the proper precautions while driving, you can face a negligent driving charge. Examples of negligent driving can include rolling through stop signs, driving while fatigued, or even driving under the influence. However, negligent drivers don’t commit these acts with the intention of harming others. Rather, they’re unaware of the risks of their behavior.

Reckless Driving

Reckless drivers also fail to take reasonable care when it comes to others’ safety. The difference is that reckless drivers are aware of the potential risks and continue with their behavior anyway. Reckless driving can look very similar to negligent driving—a reckless driver might speed through stop signs, drive while distracted, or drive under the influence. The biggest difference between reckless and negligent driving is the intent behind the action. If a driver knows what they’re doing is wrong but does it anyway, they’re guilty of recklessness rather than negligence.

The Consequences of Driving Violations

Both of these moving violations can bring serious consequences, including steep fees, loss of your license, or an SR22 insurance requirement. Each state has its own rules surrounding both types of charges. The specific consequences you face will depend on the exact violation you committed and who or what was hurt in the act. That said, reckless driving usually comes with steeper consequences due to the fact that it’s a more serious disregard of others’ safety.

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