The Dangers and Consequences of Motorcycle DUIs

The Dangers and Consequences of Motorcycle DUIs

Drinking and driving is a serious crime no matter what kind of vehicle you’re in. Even if you don’t feel impaired, operating a vehicle after a few drinks can prove disastrous for yourself and other drivers. This is true whether you’re driving a big rig or cruising down the road on a motorcycle. In fact, the latter group often faces more danger than other intoxicated drivers. While many details of a DUI charge are the same across the board, there are a few striking differences you should know about drinking and driving as it relates to motorcycles. Check out this rundown on the dangers and consequences of motorcycle DUIs to learn more.

How Alcohol Impairs Motorcyclists

Avid motorcyclists know that there are few things more thrilling than driving down an open road, the wind rushing past you, feeling utterly free and powerful. With that thrill comes a huge responsibility. Motorcycle drivers are far more vulnerable than drivers in a car or truck. That’s why motorcyclists rely on their sharp judgment and riding skills every time they hit the road. After a few drinks, however, those skills are far less reliable. Impaired judgment, slower reaction times, and sensory issues such as a lack of depth perception make it much harder to ride safely.

Motorcycle Accidents Are Incredibly Dangerous

All accidents—especially accidents involving alcohol—are dangerous. That said, motorcyclists are often more in danger than other drivers on the road. Motorcyclists are far more likely to be injured in a crash than someone who is sitting within the steel frame of a car. In fact, car manufacturers design their vehicles to take impact damage as safely as possible, protecting drivers and passengers to the best of their ability. Motorcycles don’t have this feature, which means motorcycle crashes are more likely to lead to serious injury or even death.

The Consequences of Drinking and Driving a Motorcycle

The dangers and consequences of a motorcycle DUI are extremely similar to that of any other drinking and driving incident. Motorcyclists involved in a crash will have to answer questions or even take field sobriety tests to determine whether they’re intoxicated. If the police find a motorcyclist guilty of drunk driving, they will lose their license and face a court trial. This can result in a longer license suspension, heavy fines, and even jail time. Most states will also require the motorcyclist to obtain an SR22 insurance policy before they can reinstate their license.

A DUI conviction is a setback, but it doesn’t have to keep you from doing what you love permanently. If you’re facing a requirement for SR22 insurance in Denver, visit Serenity Group to learn more about Colorado’s policies and obtain quotes from a variety of insurance providers. Work with the experts to make a smart decision about your SR22 policy so you can get back to the road as quickly and painlessly as possible.