The Criminal Penalties of a DUI in Florida

The Criminal Penalties of a DUI in Florida

Throughout the US, DUIs are some of the most common types of crimes committed. In many cases, the people who commit them do not understand the consequences of their actions or anything that they can do to remedy the situation. Because of this, many are unclear about the criminal penalties that you can incur in states such as Florida that punish DUIs a bit differently. Read on to learn more about the Criminal penalties of a DUI in Florida.

First-Time Penalties

In Florida, the first-time penalties for DUI offense range from a minimum of two months in jail to a maximum of six months in jail. A first-time DUI offense in Florida will require a $500–$1,000 fine, as well as a probationary period. In Florida, the courts can place this probation anywhere from six months to a year. Besides this, offenders must serve a mandatory community service time that will be given at the hearing.

What Are Enhanced DUIs?

Enhanced DUIs are often regular DUIs that have been carried out within a small amount of time in between two DUI events. An enhanced DUI may also describe a DUI with extenuating circumstances that made it more harmful. In many cases, enhanced DUIs occur after someone has injured someone while driving under the influence. In other cases, an enhanced DUI may be handed out if the DUI is committed with a child in the car. You can consider an enhanced DUI as a general term that allows the court to hand out stiffer penalties when it is justified to do so.

Is Your Punishment Worse If You Crash Your Car?

Florida’s laws place a lot more emphasis on property damage, so in the case that you crash your car, you are likely to experience much more significant sanctions. Any person who has committed a DUI offense that injures another person, endangers a child, or damages property is at risk of severe financial and criminal penalties. In fact, Florida has gone so far as to create a new penalty, known as DUI manslaughter, in the event a person injures or kills someone while driving under the influence.

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