Signs To Help You Quickly Identify an Impaired Driver

Signs To Help You Quickly Identify an Impaired Driver

Driving while under the influence is illegal in every state, but many still do it. As you may have learned, driving while intoxicated can be extremely dangerous for the driver and anyone who’s on the road with them. That’s why you need to learn how to identify these drivers as quickly as possible, so you can avoid them.

Fast Changes at Speed

Driving while under the influence makes it difficult to control your feet, which is important for controlling your speed. You’ll frequently see drunk drivers slowing down and speeding up at random intervals as they can’t manage their bodies well enough to control their speed.

Constant Tailgating

Many under the influence don’t have patience, which is a necessity for safe driving practices. Because of their impatience and lowered critical thinking, many drunk drivers will tailgate the vehicles in front of them to feel like they are going as fast as possible. Tailgating can easily lead to car accidents and injuries, and you should avoid anyone who is tailgating.

Continuous Lane Shifting

Drunk drivers will change lanes constantly because they believe it’ll get them to their destination faster if they can weave in and out of traffic. Sadly, this practice is one of the most dangerous things they can do, and the consequences will quickly get them searching for cheap SR-22 insurance, as the driver puts themselves and everyone else in danger with their reckless driving.

Drifting in Lane

Sometimes the signs are less obvious when you try to identify an impaired driver. However, one obvious giveaway of drunk driving is a driver that constantly drifts inside their lane, possibly crossing over the lines. While some drifting is natural when driving, most will only drift in turns. Constant drifting is a sign of someone driving under the influence.

All these signs indicate reckless driving, and you should avoid anyone doing these activities, even if they aren’t drunk. Try your best to stay as far away from these cars as possible to lower your risk of injury or worse on the road, even if you need to slow down to get out of there.