Myths and Misconceptions About Car Insurance

Myths and Misconceptions About Car Insurance

Many of the topics within car ownership can be confusing for new car owners. Simply put, insurance companies will try their hardest to prevent you from securing a great insurance rate. Furthermore, the insurance world is filled with white lies and misconceptions about how to secure great insurance rates. To help you get started in finding a great insurance rate for your car or truck, here are the most common myths and misconceptions about car insurance.

Myth One: Insurance Premiums Will Go Up When You Get a Traffic Ticket

One of the biggest myths present in most drivers’ minds is that a traffic ticket will result in your insurance premiums going up in every case. This isn’t always the case. Your insurance premiums will only go up if the offense you have committed is deemed a dangerous act to your health and the health of others. Essentially, your insurance premiums go up if you’re deemed a high-risk driver.

Myth Two: When You Get In an Accident, Your Premiums Automatically Rise

While it’s often bandied around that your premiums will automatically rise once you get into an accident, this isn’t true. Several factors come into play when the insurance companies decide on whether or not to increase your policy payment amount. If you get into an accident, are at fault, and the accident causes major structural or property damage, chances are your insurance premiums will rise. However, your rates likely will not rise your car sustains minor damages and you receive no injuries.

Myth Three: Red Cars Cost More To Insure

A well-known myth states you’re more likely to get caught speeding if you have a red-colored car. This— and all related myths about red cars—are false. The color of your car never factors into your insurance rates. However, other factors such as your car’s horsepower and gender may play large factors in increased insurance rates. So, if you really want that red paint job, feel free to pick it without worrying about repercussions.

We hope this article has been helpful in clearing up the various myths and misconceptions about car insurance. If you’re looking to purchase affordable sr22 car insurance, reach out to Serenity Group. We’re dedicated to giving you the best rates possible to ensure you can keep driving your car!