Signs of Road Rage To Watch Out for While Driving

Signs of Road Rage To Watch Out for While Driving

In most cases, recognizing road rage while it is happening is important to your safety and the safety of others around you. While the signs of road rage might not be evident to the average passerby, those who know what to look for will immediately be able to recognize when they are the victim of road rage. Defensive driving after you recognize you’re in the middle of a road rage incident becomes a lot easier. Without further ado, here is how you can recognize road rage while driving and what you should do after you see it.

Swerving While Driving

One of the most obvious telltale signs of road rage is swerving, often in front of or close to other cars. Many who partake in road rage consider it a more dominant sort of action that, in reality, simply illustrates how immature and reckless they are. In most cases, you must distance yourself from this individual before they harm you. If they keep harassing you, call the police and try to get a license plate number from them. In some cases, you may have a dashcam for this exact reason. Use it! Get evidence in case the aggressor does damage your car or cause an accident.

Unnecessary Slowing Down or Speeding Up

Another telltale sign of road rage is unnecessary slowing and speeding up often close to other motorists. Much like swerving, this is an act of intimidation. It’s also done to threaten people. This may also come into the realm of brake-checking or the act of stopping abruptly in close proximity to the car behind you. This is reckless driving by law and is a jailable offense under the right conditions. Attempting to distance yourself from the reckless driver and calling the police is the right move. 

Yelling or Honking

This is another common type of road rage. Enraged drivers may roll down their windows and shout at other drivers nearby or aggressively pound their horns. The noise this produces can become a distraction, which can affect the ability of other drivers to stay focused on the road. If this happens to you, don’t yell or honk back; distance yourself from this individual.

What Comes of Road Rage

If you get caught doing road rage, there are significant penalties involved, ranging from a hefty fine to a suspended license. You will probably have to attend driving school and be forced to pay higher premiums on your car insurance. Furthermore, you will need to purchase high-risk drivers’ sr22 insurance. If you need an sr22 insurance quote and live in California, look here for more! 

We hope that by knowing how to recognize the signs of road rage while driving, you’ll have an easier time defending yourself in such situations. Remember that under no circumstance should you ever react aggressively to such actions, as that only leads to more danger and risk.