How Does an SR22 Penalty Affect Your Record?

How Does an SR22 Penalty Affect Your Record?

Receiving an SR22 requirement is a daunting prospect. Not many people know about SR22 insurance until they have to obtain it for themselves, which can make all the details and specifications feel overwhelming. How does an SR22 penalty affect your record? How do you know what kind of policy to get? How long will you have to deal with your requirement? Learning the answers to these questions makes it easier to find the right insurance policy and start dutifully working through your requirements. Find the information you need with this brief guide to SR22 requirements and expectations.

A Change in Insurance

The most significant change an SR22 makes in your life revolves around your insurance policy. After receiving an SR22 requirement, you’ll need to purchase an SR22 policy with your auto insurance company. The rate of this policy and how it affects the rest of your insurance will vary, depending on which provider you choose. Some auto insurance companies won’t insure drivers with SR22 insurance because they see them as a high risk. Take your time when choosing a provider so that you get a fair policy. Once your policy is in place, keep paying it throughout the duration of your requirement. Letting your SR22 policy lapse—even by accident—will lead to more severe and expensive consequences in the long run.

Personal and Professional Consequences

While the SR22 certificate itself might not make a big difference in your life, the traffic accident or conviction it represents will. States require SR22 insurance after a major traffic violation, such as a DUI, reckless driving, or driving without insurance. These acts can show up on background checks for jobs, housing applications, loans, and other major life experiences. While you might be able to explain away your SR22 in some scenarios, you might miss out on some opportunities because of it. Understanding how an SR22 penalty affects your record will help you prepare for circumstances where your requirement might come up. Remember that patience, responsibility, and understanding can help you make the most of these situations.

Length of Requirement

The good news is that no SR22 requirement lasts forever. Every state has different rules for the cost and length of an SR22 requirement. For example, if you need SR22 insurance in Denver, you will need to pay for your policy for the next three years. Three years is the average policy length, but some states have requirements as short as one year or as long as five years.