How a Driver’s License Gets Revoked

How a Driver’s License Gets Revoked

The ability to drive is a privilege many people cherish. If you’re not careful, however, your state can take that privilege away in the form of a revoked license. Every state has its own set of driving laws and regulations, which means making sense of the regulations surrounding your license isn’t always easy. The more you know, the easier it will be to navigate your situation, reclaim a valid license, and get back behind the wheel. Learn more about how a driver’s license gets revoked and what to do if you’re in that situation with this guide.

What Is a Revoked License?

A revoked license is a void license. When the state revokes your driver’s license, it effectively revokes your ability to legally drive. It’s easy to confuse a revoked license with a suspended license. They both take away your driving privilege, but the key difference is that a revoked license is permanent. You will not be able to reinstate your license after the state revokes it.

How a Driver’s License Gets Revoked

A state will usually revoke an individual’s license after a severe traffic violation, such as a DUI conviction, reckless driving, or a serious car crash that results in injury. This is particularly true if you’ve already committed multiple violations in a certain amount of time. Another sure way to get your license revoked is to drive with a suspended license. Many states also have non-driving reasons to revoke a license. For example, most states can revoke someone’s license if they don’t pay their child support. You might also get a revoked license for failing to answer a court summons or using alcohol or drugs as a minor.

What to Do If Your License Is Revoked

If the state revokes your license, you can’t get it back. You’ll likely receive a revocation period, during which you can’t get a valid license. If you meet your requirements and fulfill this period, however, you can then apply for a completely new license through the DMV. The requirements for getting a new license will vary from state to state, but you can generally expect fines, an SR22 insurance policy, and the standard license tests in your state.

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