Getting a Commercial Driver’s License After a DUI

Getting a Commercial Driver’s License After a DUI

While getting a commercial driver’s license can and will be hard by itself, getting a commercial driver’s license after a DUI, while possible, is extremely difficult. In fact, in some states like California, your license could even be suspended for a year. Here is what you must know about getting a commercial driver’s license after receiving a DUI.

CDL Suspensions According To Federal Law

In a lot of cases, suspension of a CDL license can wander into federal jurisdiction due to the fact that most commercial drivers will cross state lines. When this happens, you’re subject to fines, federal violations, and penalties from the state you started your journey in. The period of a federal suspension could last for a minimum of 60 days. The maximum is a lifelong ban from commercial driving work.

What You Need To Know About CDL Hearing With The DMV

After receiving your moving violation or being arrested, you will be given an order of revocation or suspension. This form will request a hearing with the DMV. In most cases, you’ll have ten days to contest the charges. Never wait until the last minute to schedule your hearing—if you do, you’ll receive the requests before the 10-day period is up.

How To Reinstate Your CDL

If you want to reinstate your CDL, there are a few actions you must take to ensure the process ends in you regaining your license. Typically, some of the actions include the following:

  • Winning the DMV hearing
  • Waiting out the entire suspension period
  • Pay reissue fees
  • Take all court-ordered classes

We hope this article has helped you understand the process of getting a commercial driver’s license after a DUI. If you are looking for commercial vehicle insurance plans, reach out to us at the Serenity Group. We strive to ensure the insurance process is as easy and stress-free as possible!