Can You Buy Broad Form Insurance With an SR22?

Can You Buy Broad Form Insurance With an SR22?

Insurance comes in many forms, and each one benefits people in unique ways. You need to find the one that best suits your needs so you get the necessary coverage at an affordable price. A lot of people like broad form insurance, but it can be confusing to know if you qualify, especially if you have an SR-22. This article should help you determine if you can buy broad form insurance.

What Is Broad Form Insurance?

Broad form insurance is the simplest form of insurance you can get, as it covers your state’s minimum requirements. You don’t need to worry about qualifying for your state’s requirements and can get basic coverage in one plan. These plans specifically cover your state’s minimum liability requirements.

What Is an SR-22?

The SR-22 is a special form you need in order to recover your license if the state revoked it after a serious driving infraction. The state will return your license if you can produce this form. You can only get the form if you meet the state’s higher insurance requirements for people needing an SR-22. This seemingly works against normal broad form insurance plans, as it has significantly higher insurance rates and coverage than the state minimum.

Yes, You Can!

Many insurance companies offer unique SR-22 broad form insurance plans that meet your state’s requirements. This makes it easy to buy broad form insurance if you have an SR-22. It will cost more for you than someone without the SR-22, as they don’t need as much coverage according to the law.

While it’s best if you avoid ever needing an SR-22 form, you can still get great coverage from a variety of insurance companies all around the United States. Companies can easily create plans to fit all your specific needs and help you drive with insurance to avoid future issues with your SR-22.