Buying a Car with a Suspended License

Buying a Car with a Suspended License

Buying a new car is a big deal. Whether you’re looking for more space, better mileage, or a sleek new style, you can’t wait to sign the papers and take your new ride home. Unfortunately, the process isn’t always as simple as walking in and making the deal. If you have a suspended driver’s license, you might be wondering if you should—or are even able to—buy the car you want. When it comes to your license, driving record, and auto insurance, you have to gather as much information as possible. To help you through this process, here’s our guide on buying a car with a suspended license.

Can You Buy a Car with a Suspended License?

Technically speaking, no law prevents someone from buying a vehicle without a valid license. Dealerships and other sellers can take your money and give you the title without any issue. However, the problems arise once the car is in your name. With a suspended license, how do you get the car off the lot and back to your own driveway? How do you insure the vehicle when most policies require a valid license? Buying a car with a suspended license is possible, but it’s not necessarily plausible due to these and other complications.

Alternative Options

You might find a way to navigate these details and successfully purchase and register your vehicle without a valid license, but a few alternative options will likely work better. You could have a spouse or other close relative purchase and register the vehicle in their name and then sell it to you once you get your license back. If you know the original owner, you can ask them to keep the car in their name and then purchase nonowner’s insurance to let you drive after your suspension. However, your best option may be to simply wait to make the purchase and focus your efforts on reinstating your license. This will make buying, insuring, and registering your vehicle a much smoother process.

If you have a suspended license, it’s important that you take all the right steps to reinstate it and return to the road. If you lost your license because of a DUI or other major traffic violation and need SR22 insurance to reinstate it, Serenity Group wants to help. We’ve got the resources you need to understand SR22 insurance in California or any other state in which you may reside. When you take initiative and meet all the requirements, you can earn back your driving privileges, buy that dream car, and return to a normal life behind the wheel.