A Guide to Car Insurance for Married Couples

A Guide to Car Insurance for Married Couples

Your wedding day brings a lot of changes to your life, and your car insurance policy is no exception. Your marital status can affect how much you and your spouse are paying for car insurance. It’s important to look into the different options that are available so that you can both save as much money as possible. Make sure your auto insurance is working for you as you step into this new stage of life together with our guide to car insurance for married couples.

Reasons to Combine Policies

Most of the time, having a joint policy with your spouse can save you money. Most insurance companies view a married couple as more mature drivers who share driving responsibilities. In other words, insurance providers believe a married couple is less likely to cause an accident or get into other expensive incidents. This makes you less of a risk and, therefore, cheaper to insure. A joint policy can also lead to discounts like a multi-car discount. All of this adds up to a cheaper premium for both you and your spouse.

Reasons to Keep Separate Policies

Of course, every car insurance policy is different. Sometimes, you or your spouse might actually pay more on a joint policy than you would separately. There are a few reasons why this might happen. If one of you has a poor driving record or low credit score, auto insurance providers will still view you as a high-risk individual to insure. For example, say your spouse has multiple traffic violations on their record. If you combine policies, their premium might improve, but yours will likely cost more. The type of vehicle you each drive can also affect your policies. If one of you drives a vehicle of a much greater value, that can significantly raise your rates.

Other Ways to Save

If you and your spouse plan on sharing vehicles, you will probably need to get a joint auto insurance policy—even if it’s more expensive. Fortunately, there are several ways to save on your new policy. Pay attention to your vehicles’ values and make sure you’re not paying more than that to insure them. Seek out discounts for your policy, including multi-car discounts or bundling your auto and home insurance.

It’s also extremely important to shop around and get quotes before you decide on a policy. Even if you have complications in your credit history or driving record, you can still find the most affordable option for you and your spouse. If one of you needs SR22 insurance on your policy, you can explore your options with Serenity Group. We’ll help you figure out your SR22 online, so you can create a joint or separate policy that works for you both. When it comes to car insurance for married couples, it’s important to look carefully at all of your options, so you can find the best fit for your new life together.