5 Facts About Drunk Driving on New Year’s Eve

5 Facts About Drunk Driving on New Year’s Eve

Driving while under the influence is a dangerous activity no matter the time or place, but New Year’s Eve and Day can be the most dangerous times. To fully understand how dangerous it can be on the road during this holiday, here’s a look at drunk driving on New Year’s Eve.

More Parties

The first thing to know about New Year’s Eve is that a lot of people are attending parties. Thousands of people gather in the same places, with tons of smaller parties in every city and town. People like to drink at these parties, and then they need to go home afterward, making it a dangerous night to be on the road.

Highest Deaths

This increase in parties leads to the most dangerous time of the year when it comes to drunk driving. In fact, January 1st has the highest percentage of alcohol-related deaths. According to NHTSA, 28 percent of accidents in December were alcohol-related, and AAA found that 58 percent of all accidents on New Year’s Day had drivers under the influence.

More Arrests

Another interesting fact about drunk driving in December is that it’s the peak time for DUI arrests. DUI arrests can lead to massive fines, license suspension, and even jail time. Some states even require SR-22 insurance coverage to get your license back after a DUI.

More Than the Day

It’s important to understand that the night of New Year’s Eve and the day after aren’t the only dangerous times. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, drunk driving is a lot more common as people celebrate and throw holiday parties with alcohol.

1–3 A.M. Dangers

The last fact that you should know about drunk driving on New Year’s Eve is that the most dangerous time to drive is from 1–3 a.m. on New Year’s Day. This time is dangerous because a lot of people are leaving parties and trying to go home while drunk. It’s best to avoid driving at this time if you can.

This is what you should know about drunk driving and the end of the year. Hopefully, these facts help you avoid the dangers of driving at peak drunk driving periods. You should be extra vigilant when driving over the holidays to keep yourself and others safe.