What To Know About Moving and SR22 Insurance

What To Know About Moving and SR22 Insurance

If you have an SR22 insurance requirement, it’s important to know how that policy affects the rest of your life. This is especially true when it comes to moving. A careless or lazy misstep, or even a simple misunderstanding, can make your requirement longer, more expensive, and much more stressful in the long run. The details surrounding SR22 insurance can seem complicated, but with the right information on your side, you can make your policy as painless as possible. Stay on track with this guide on what to know about moving and SR22 insurance.

How Different States Vary

SR22 insurance only affects your move if you’re going to a different state. Your SR22 policy doesn’t disappear just because you leave the state where you received it. This is because the specific details surrounding the SR22 vary depending on where you live. Every state has different rules regarding how much minimum liability coverage costs or the length of your requirement. For example, if you have SR22 insurance in Washington, you’ll need to maintain that policy for three years.

Other states might require you to maintain the policy for only one or two years, or they might have a five-year requirement. Some states don’t even have SR22 insurance. However, even if your new home state doesn’t require the SR22 after a reckless driving charge, you still need to maintain your policy in your old state. It’s important to know what the rules are in both your current and future state so you can always stay compliant with your policy.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Policy

Just because you leave the state that ordered your SR22 requirement, that doesn’t mean you can let your policy lapse. If you skip a payment or cancel your auto insurance while you still have an SR22 policy, your insurance provider will inform the state that you’ve failed to meet the requirements. This can lead to serious fines, a suspended license, or even jail time. You’ll also have to start your SR22 requirement over again, which means you’ll be making extra payments on your insurance for even longer than before.

How To Successfully Move With SR22 Insurance

When it comes to what to know about moving and SR22 insurance, the details might be complicated, but the process is straightforward. Before you move, you’ll have to update your auto insurance policy so that you have continued coverage in your new state. When you do this, make sure you update your SR22 policy as well. If your current provider has a license in your new state, you can simply keep the policy you already have. However, if you switch insurance providers, make sure you plan ahead, so you never have a lapse of coverage. Keep your current policy and SR22 requirement active until your new policy kicks in.