What Happens When You Let Your SR22 Car Insurance Cancel?

What Happens When You Let Your SR22 Car Insurance Cancel?

No one wants to carry an SR22 insurance policy around with them. From the mark on your driving record to the extra costs on your auto insurance, the SR22 can turn into a hassle at times. However, if you don’t keep up with your SR22 insurance requirements, the stress gets a lot worse. It’s important to maintain your policy for as long as your state requires. What happens when you let your SR22 car insurance cancel? Read up on the process and consequences here.

Why Do You Need an SR22 Insurance Policy?

An SR22 insurance policy is a guarantee to the state. It proves that you are meeting and maintaining the state’s minimum liability car insurance requirements. You might need SR22 insurance after a DUI conviction, driving uninsured, causing multiple or serious accidents, or other reckless driving charges.

What Happens When You Let Your SR22 Car Insurance Cancel?

Every state has different requirements surrounding SR22 insurance and how long you must maintain it. If you fail to keep up with your payments or if you cancel before obtaining new insurance, your car insurance provider must file an SR26 form. This notifies the state or DMV that your policy has lapsed. Once they know you aren’t meeting your SR22 insurance requirements, the state will revoke your license and vehicle registration. You will also have to restart your SR22 policy from the beginning, possibly at a higher rate than before.

How to Avoid a Policy Lapse

As stressful as SR22 insurance might be, it’s always best to fulfill your requirements the first time around. The best way to deal with your SR22 requirements is to stay informed and maintain your policy. Of course, there are times when you have to cancel your old policy, either because you’re moving to a new state or because you’re shopping for a better policy. If this is the case, make sure your new policy is active before canceling the old one.

You can also avoid having to cancel by finding the right policy in the first place. Serenity Group can provide you with SR22 insurance quotes in California, Maine, and almost everywhere in between. When you find a policy that works for you, it’s easier to keep up with your requirements and return to your normal life as quickly and smoothly as possible.